You’ve laid the groundwork for an incredible wedding day, but you need someone to dot your i’s, cross your t’s, and bring everything together. I carefully review all of the plans already in place, and make sure not a single detail is overlooked.


I organize, I time, and I manage the details for your rehearsal and wedding. I’m here for support and recommendations throughout the process and to think of the things that perhaps may have been missed along the planning journey. I’m your teammate in ensuring a flawless day.

My goal is to be a calming and continuous presence on the big day. Don’t even let logistics cross your mind as you start to get ready that morning. Drink mimosas with your bridal party, laugh as you remember that awkward first date with your fiancé, read a sweet letter from your soon-to-be, and cry a couple happy tears with your family and friends. Put on the best, most expensive dress (or most handsome tux!) you’ll ever wear in your life and take one too many pictures. When you walk down the aisle, beam at your future spouse, give the one who walked you down the aisle a big hug and kiss, and become husband and wife, husband and husband or wife and wife. Enjoy the party of a lifetime with all of your loved ones. Dance your booty off, actually eat the dinner you painstakingly chose months ago, shove cake in your other half’s face, and pop that champagne. It won’t be until you look back at pictures that you’ll wonder how everything and everyone ended up in its appropriate place and why it was perfect. I’ll take care of that – you just enjoy your day.

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